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Mr.CHEN Tingxuan  The founder and President 

Mr.CHEN is the founder of the Company,and has been in the medical products industry for approximately 35 years.In 1967,Mr.CHEN graduated by master degree of medicine and biological from Zhengzhou University and then to be a technician in one state-owned Pharmacy company,after working many years he found excepting the pharmacy,lots of people were lack of tools to help them move easily and comfortable.So in 1997,he started to establish a small workshop and develop several wheelchairs,as he had rich experiences in the medical field,he knew the users needs well and this brought him a big success at the beginning.As the time going,Besco has grown as one leading DME products in China,and Mr.CHEN has given more chances to the young man in the managment of the company and he more focus on the company strategy and the charitable affairs.


Mr.CHEN Jianfeng  Products Development Manager


 Ms.Lily Zhang  Account Manager


   Ms.Evie Li After Sales Service Manager
   Cathy Chen Chief Office for Export
   Devon Zhang  Quality Control Manager