• Luxury Chrome Wheelchairs
Name:Luxury Chrome Wheelchairs

Products Description

Chrome-Plated Wheelchairs with Pneumatic Tire and Leg Rest Pad

Detachable armrest
Detachable footrest
Pneumatic tire
Leg rest pad

Model NO. Seat width Load capacity Dimension N,W G.W Packing
BES-WL317 46cm 110kg 77*26*90 19 21 1pc/ctn

1.Structure and Elements
This product mainly consists of frames, stay bar, footrest, armrest, foot pedals welded by welding steel tube or aluminum profiles ,in addition to castor, rear wheel ,brake ,cushion ,foot board etc.
Range of application:Manual wheelchair is used as a transport tool by handicapped, invalid, the elderly and the weak who have difficulty in walking.
The picture below is the wheelchair' structure and components' names with slight differences in some other items

3.Notice ,warning and prompt directions:
(1) This wheelchairs is not adapted for uneven road.
(2) No more than 5 kilometers per hour.Safe running slope is within 5°, above 5°it requires others' help
(3) Don't use pressure to frame and handle' both sides with your hands.Improperly folding or opening would cause some damage.
(4) The brake of both sides of the wheelchair is only used to stop steadily when you have stopped running.It couldn't be used to slow down and brake while running.
(5) Don't rush up stairs by its inertia, or you will have an accident or damage the wheelchair.
(6) When up or down stairs, the person seated is not supposed to be moved together with the wheelchair, otherwise, he or she will bring harm to the invalid or damage the wheelchair.

4.Manual wheelchair's using methods

(1) According to the user's different body size, chose the right wheelchair, refer to the following table.
Rated load of the wheelchair is 90 kg weight than the rated load, or driving your little uneven road
Heart using a special-made or contact the manufacturer.
Weight capacity Kg Seat width Cm
Child or less than 30 35
30-55 41
55-75 46
75-90 52

(2) To unfold the wheelchair, you can use pressure on one side or both sides of the
Seat, so that you can unfold it easily.While folding it, please turn up the footrests
First, then lift the cushion with your hands, so that it can be folded .
(see the form follow)

(3) There are tow brakes equipped On both sides of the seat.When you want to stop
For a while, you must use brakes to stop it .(see the picture on the right)

(4) Sway bars with plastic cover are equipped under the back parts of the
Wheelchair.Accompanying person should tread on the sway bars with force to
Make wheelchair lean back so as to let castors climb up stairs first and then lift
Up the wheelchair.Only if the accompanying person does it like this, can the
Wheelchair and its user easily climb up stairs with the help of the accompanying
Person.(see the picture on right)

(5) If the wheelchair user need go up or down stairs, the accompanying person should firstly  assist the user to go up or down stairs, then move the wheelchair to even road.After that , the wheelchair could be normally used again.

(6) Maintaining the wheelchair can prolong the usage range of the wheelchair.Often wipe the wheelchair by lubricating oil with clean soft cloth.Sterilize the wheelchair before changing infectious patient;Fill lubricating oil into the rotating parts every three to six months.So the wheelchair can run and turn neatly.If the user chooses the pneumatic wheel , he or she will make sure the tyres are full of air.Otherwise, the wheelchair will drive with difficulty and damage the tyres.

5.If the wheelchair you purchasing have the following features, please use the following guidelines.
1.If you buy the wheelchair bay is removable legs, when unloading, pull leg bracket and lock
Handle, bracket legs will swing out, swinging a certain point you can remove it;When installing
Frame leg bracket frame leg bracket positioning pins hanging holes, then gently forced inward
Swing.Handle automatic locking can be fixed.(See right)

2.If your wheelchair contain detachable armrest, demolition marbles down by the frame rails,
Making marbles out of the hole from the arm, supporting Hand frame to pull up;Installed the
Rails on the frame tube inserted in the frame, marble stuck in the hole on the frame rails can
Be.(See right)

3.If you buy a wheelchair lift is available with an A-type leg bracket, while enhancing just lifting
The leg to the appropriate location to their own fixed;When down use one hand lightly prop leg
Bracket, the other hand pulled down the handle forward, leg brackets can be dropped, put to an
Appropriate.When the location, release the handle to lift themselves fixed.(See right)

4.If you buy the E-type with a collapsible wheelchair after the handrails, when folding one
Hand palm lightly after the light handle, handle folds back the other hand to the pin pulled out
From the frame in, you can fold down the rear handle;Back up when you need to handle to the
Back swing state, can  self-locking  Set.(See right)

5.If you buy the armrests of the wheelchair after the car flip, flip the front when the holding arm
With index finger, push the locking handle handrail, handrails to back flip;Back flip forward when
The handrails, handrail plugs inserted into the jack on the frame, the handle lock can be
Automatically reset.(See right)

6.If you purchased a removable aluminum legs wheelchair bracket, remove the legs when the bracket rotating locking handle bracket to the outside legs wiggle, wiggle with a certain point you can lift;Installation bracket leg holes up and down positioning pins mounted frame, and then gently forced inward swing To automatically reset fixed can be.(See right)

7.If you purchased with a W-type wheelchair with toilet functions, use first
Cushion away, placed in a water closet toilet bucket and confirm the position
Of the bottom plate accurate, the user can get on the toilet, cleaned up the
Toilet after use boards and commode, and then placed in a good cushion.
(See right)

8.If you purchased wheelchair with G-back function, press both sides of the push hands
When using the hand brake, lying under the back can regulate to the proper angle, to be
Adjust the steel tube into the hole set to back fixed before use.During installation, the casing
Embedded in the U-folder, the screw through the hole, with the nut, a total of six.(See right)

6,.Special storage conditions method
After the packaging manual wheelchair should be kept in ventilated, dry, cool, away from heat, non-corrosive gases indoors.Transportation should be moisture, avoid light, away from heat.

7.Maintenance services:
1 product warranty period of one year to the date of the notes sold subject.
2, one of the following circumstances, does not belong to free warranty:
Consumable, consumables;
Do not follow the instructions on the required use of the damage;
Drop due to anthropogenic factors, collision damage;
Other non-damage caused by normal use;
3 If there is not more than the warranty period or damage under warranty, the company is willing to provide you with paid services.

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