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  • KN95 Respirators
  • KN95 Respirators
Name:KN95 Respirators

Products Description

KN95 Respirators Can Be Used By The General Public, Healthcare Workers And Medical Professionals and daily protection. In Fact, Masks In General Are An Essential Piece Of Equipment For Medical Staff.

Although KN95 respirators Do Offer Protection, KN95 Respirator Masks Are Of Superior Quality And Have Been Designed For An Even Closer Fit To The Face, Providing Securer Coverage Of The Nose And Mouth With A Specialised Seal That Lines The Outer Edges Of The Mask.

Like The KN95 masks, KN95 respirator Material Is Formed In Layers, But Not As Many As Featured In The KN95 mask. The KN95 respirator Has A Unique Specialized Filtration System That Provides Additional Protection From Airborne Particles And Droplets. KN95 And KN95 respirator Are Rigorously Tested For Particulate Filtration Efficiency And Fluid Resistance, And The KN95 masks Ranks Higher In All Scientific Tests.

BESCO is supply two kinds of KN95 respirator ,one with vlave and the other without valve.They can be with different ties.

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