• Raised Toilet Seats with Lid
Name:Raised Toilet Seats with Lid

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Raised Toilet Seats with Cover



Raised Toilet Seat with Cover,2" height

Raised Toilet Seat with Cover,4" height

Raised Toilet Seat with Cover,6" height


The raised toilet seats is the simple way of minimising excessive bending and the danger of over-balancing for those with limited mobility.

It can be fitted securely to any toilet bowl quickly without the need to remove the existing toilet seat.

Manufactured in two pieces from polypropylene, sonic welding is utilised to form the joint. The result is a strong, water tight raised toilet seat.

The raised toilet seat raises the height of the bowl by 10cm and has non-slip rubber pads moulded into the adjustment brackets. These pads rest against the toilet bowl and are designed to securely hold the raiser in position.

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