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Name:Face Shield

Products Description

[Product name]: Face Visor / Face Shield


[Model]: Elastic belt type


【Specifications】: 320 * 220mm


[Scope of application]: It is used for protection in the inspection of factories / organizations, blocking liquid or blood splashes or splashes.


[Structure composition]: This product is composed of a protective cover made of polymer material, a foam strip and a fixing device. Non-sterile, single use.


【Product Performance】:


1. Appearance: The surface of the isolation mask should be clean and free of stains and dirt; it should be complete without damage or separation; the protective cover should be smooth, free of burrs and scratches; the color of the protective cover should be transparent, and the sight should be clearly visible when worn.


2. Structure: After wearing the isolation mask, it should be able to completely cover the face of the wearer. It should be kept upright in the longitudinal direction, and must not sag. There should be no creases when it is bent in the horizontal direction.


3. Elongation rate of elastic band: The elastic band should be free, and the elongation rate of the elastic band should not be less than 50%.


4. The breaking strength of the connection between the fixing device and the protective cover should not be less than 10N.


5. The separation joint of isolation mask should be firm. The horizontal plane is subjected to 7N gravity pull, and the vertical direction is subjected to 3N gravity pull, which lasts 15s, and should not fall off.




Open the package, remove the isolation mask, remove the protective film from the protective cover and put it on the face, adjust the elastic band to a comfortable state.


[Storage requirements]: Store in a warehouse with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, dry, well-ventilated and clean.


[Contraindications]: None.


[Notes, warnings and precautionary notes]:


1. The validity period is three years.


2. Products beyond the expiration date are prohibited.


3. It is forbidden to use the damaged packaging.


4. This product is "one-time use" and will be destroyed after use.


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