• 2 Cranks Manual Bed
Name:2 Cranks Manual Bed

Products Description

Two-Crank Manual Hospital Beds from BESCO

Back-rest tilting is 0~80°,Knee-rest tilting is 0~35°.

Detachable ABS bed board,cold-rolled steel bed plate,
self-protected crank system.

Standard Accessory:
European side rails,5"castors.

Two sectional IV pole,mattress,overbed table.

Dimension L2180*W990*H495
Material steek framework
Backrest adjustment angle 0-80º
Legrest adjustment angle 0-35º

Besco Medical:China manufacturer of Wheelchairs,Hospital Beds and Oxygen Concentrators.

In a healthy state,leisure time can be enjoyed with more awareness and the obligations in daily life are easier to manage.The ability to develop strength and vigour in both areas does not come by itself - everyone must undertake efforts to gain these qualities.We often only become aware of that once illness or subsiding physical strength and mobility has imposed restrictions.

But even then it is possible to promote one's quality of life by establishing a strengthened state of well-being and long-term independence,and even being in the need of care,not always easy to endure,a human and active lifestyle can be created.

Besco Medical sales products Wheelchairs,Hospital Beds,Oxygen Concentrators,Semi-electric Homecare Beds,Reclining Wheelchairs,Pulse Oximeter etc.that promote for your health.

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